Achievements and highlights

AICFB has successfully hosted World and Domestic championships:

World Level:

  1. 1st Asian Chess Championship for the blind 2003, Mumbai
  2. 11th Individual world  chess championship 2006, Goa
  3. 14th Chess Olympiad for the blind 2012, Chennai
  4. Indian medal winning performance at world championships
  5. 1998- Charudatta Jadhave stood second and Shirish Patil stood third in Irish international open chess championship for the blind,Island
  6. 2000- Madan Bagayatkar won Bronze medel  (second board) in 11th chess Olympiad for the blind, Poland
  7. 2008-Shrikrishna Udupa won gold medel (forth board) in 13th chess Olympiad for the blind, Greece
  8. 2012- Kishan Gangolli won gold medel (second board) in 14th chess Olympiad for the blind, India
  9. 2013- Darpan Inani won Bronze medel in Junior world championship, Serbia
  10. In 2012, India stood 5th in 14th Chess Olympiad for the blind, india

Mr. Charudatta Jadhav has nominated as a ‘Vice President’ of International Braille Chess Association’, IBCA world apex body for chess for the blind in world,  first and only Asian to get this recognition.


Domestic Level:

  1. Since 1998, AICFB has conducted 34 National championships (Men, Women, junior (under 19), School)
  2. 38 FIDE rating national open  chess tournament
  3. 250+ domestic tournaments (zonals, States, national open,Invitation cup).
  4. Since 1999, every year, AICFB has conducted selection cycle Zonals…National B…. National A…. to declare ‘National Champion’ and select Indian team for world championship.
  5. AICFB produce 161 FIDE rated blind chess players  till now, very few countries achieve this land mark.