Long-term Plan

Long term plan of chess for the blind, India

Top 5 in 2012 Olympiad, 40 players above 2100 elo in 2013

Create awareness about chess and its benefits, continuous improvement in playing standard of blind chess, achieve and maintain the status of strong chess playing nation and come in top 5, Provide the strong leadership at international level, Bring Loral’s to our country.


  • Improve the over all standard of blind chess in India
  • Penetrate the interior part of our country, Focus is children below 16 years bullet Provide specialized chess equipments to all the players, academies, NGOs and schools
  • Individual base coaching program for top 33 players (25 seniors and 8 under 16 years)
  • Provide accessible chess material to all the players (Braille and audio)
  • Develop online library for chess books
  • Preparation of Chess Olympiad 2012
  • Promote chess as a learning tool across India

Programs under taken:
Program 1: Production of chess material

  • Manufacturing of chess boards in large scale
  • Manufacturing of Digital chess clocks
  • Production of chess books in Braille and audio
  • Distribution of MP3 players

Program 2: Chess in schools for the blind

  • Designing syllabus for beginner(2 years)
  • Preparing the reference material
  • Develop a model for implementation
  • IT System for monitoring the implementation
  • It system for evaluating the performance of the students
  • Create a nation vide database of coaches
  • Train the trainer
  • Establish program management office for better co-ordination and implementation

Program 3: Talent Development program

  • Preparing the syllabus for Intermediate and advance course (Target: 2200 ELO )
  • Preparing the reference material in Braille and audio
  • Evaluation and monitoring the Individual base plan ( improvement and performance in rating tournament -3 in a year)
  • Audio conference system  for delivering lectures

Program 4: Accessible chess study material

  • Collecting chess material in E format
  • Quarterly magazine in Braille and DAISY format
  • Creating theme base training courses in Audio format
  • Awareness campaign for publishers and authors for creating books in accessible format or provide content for Braille and DAISY production
  • Production in Braille
  • Production in DAISY (audio with navigational facilities)

Program 5: Global chess library

  • Create network of organizations at world level who pusses chess material
  • Create online library (with upload and download facilities)
  • It system for library management
Program 6: Online training portal

  • Intermediate and Expert level web base training (WBT)
  • Refresher course WBT
  • Theme base training modules
  • Virtual classroom as interactive sessions
  • Audio-videos lectures by prominent chess players
  • Online playing facilities
  • forum for clarifying doubts
  • Module for tracking performance of the students.

Program 7: Chess Olympiad for the blind 2012

  • Highest event at world level
  • First time India will host a chess Olympiad
  • India will be the first non-European country to host Chess Olympiad for the blind
  • Around 280 participants from 40 countries will take part

Program 8: Bi-annual selection cycle


  • National A Championship (Men and Women)
  • National B
  • Zonal championship (North, East, West, South)
  • Junior National championship (under 19)
  • Team Championship (Inter state)
  • Participation in World Chess Championship
  • Individual World chess Championship (Once in four years)
  • Chess Olympiad (Once in four years)
  • Feminine World chess championship (Once in four years)
  • Junior world chess championship (Once in four years)
  • Continental championship (Once in two years)

Program 9: Portal for Administration

  • Contact Management System
  • Event Management System
  • Document Repository
  • Account management system
  • Task Management System
  • Product management system
  • Election Management System