Kishan Gangolli got bronze medal in 15 IPC a chess Olympiad

Kishan Gangolli created history by winning second consecutive medal in olympiad.  Kishan won  bronze medal on third board in recently concluded IBCA Chess olympiad for the visually challenged held at Ohrid,  Macedonia.  Earlier in 2012 olympiad he won gold medal on board 3.  He is the only indian visually challenged chess player who won two medals in chess Olympics.  He also has exceptional record of winning National A for the 4th time consecutively and again only player in India to achieve this.  No other blind chess player were able to do this kind of achievement.  The progress of Kishan gives a ray of hope of India’s first visually challenged international master.  AICFB congratulates Kishan Gangolli  for his success.

Amazing performance by team India in 15th IBCA Chess olympiad for the visually challenged held at Ohrid,  Macedonia.  India started campaign as 19th seded of the tournament.  But the performance of the team is really appreciable.  India faced top 7 seeded countries of the tournament in 9 rounds ( Russia,  Ukraine,  Serbia,  Poland,  Spain,  Germany and Montenegro)  and was able to win against highly seeded  Spain,  Germany and Montenegro  and drew Poland.  The youngsters like Kishan Gangolli Soundarya Pradhan  and  Aryan Joshi played well.  They were supported by senior players like Shereesh Patil and Ashvin Makwana.  Kishan Gangolli got bronze medal on third board.  The guidelines of International master Sekhar Sahu played a very important role in the victory of team India.  AICFB congratulates team India for securing 7th place in recently concluded olympiad.