Players Registration Form



I, hereby, declare that the particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also declare that I shall abide by the rules and regulations and all the latest amendments and decisions of the AICFB as the case may be and co-operate with the officials and representative of AICFB. I also agree to participate in all the events suggested by AICFB. I also declare that I am not a member of any other National level chess organization for the blind and not at all involved in their activities of the organization of similar nature. I also declare that I will not participate in any un-authorized tournament / championship in all chess activities. AICFB is not responsible for any mishap or damage happens to me or my property during my participation in the tournaments conducted or represented by AICFB at all the levels. I agreed to all the clauses given above and the guidelines of AICFB. I will fulfill all my commitments and remain loyal with AICFB. If I found guilty or not following the rules of AICFB I am liable for the punishment given by AICFB.