Chess in Schools

Program overview :

Chess is the only game where a blind person can play at par with his sighted counter part. This has been proved now and again in last 20 years in India in that matter at all over world. We are promoting this game because it gives us equal opportunity but there are lots of other benefits of chess.

Studies conducted over the 30 years show that students’ IQs increase and test scores improve after less than a year of systematic chess study.
Chess is:

  • Fun and motivational, turning problem-solving into a game
  • A thinking game, encouraging students to use patterns and logical deductive reasoning to solve problems.

Chess Develops and Improves:

  • Memory and concentration
  • The capacity to predict consequences.
  • Self-esteem, builds team spirit and increases concentration

We have planning to bring chess in schools for the blind because we believe it directly contributes to academic performance and their personality development. Chess makes kids smarter.

It does so by teaching the following skills:

Focusing, Visualizing, Thinking Ahead, Weighing Option, Analyzing Concretely, Thinking Abstractly, Planning and Juggling Multiple Considerations Simultaneously,
None of these skills are specific to chess, but they are all part of the game. The beauty of chess as a teaching tool is that it stimulates children’s minds and helps them to build these skills while enjoying themselves. As a result, children become more critical thinkers, better problem solvers, and more independent decision makers.

All these skills are very important for being successful. We want our blind children should be able to compete with their sighted counter part in every aspect of the life. Technology has played the revolutionary role in bridging the gaps. These skills and technology will help blind persons to face any challenges and excel in their career.

We have developed a syllabus, It system for monitoring, study material in audio format and model for implementation of chess in schools for the blind. We are planning to deploy this program in schools for the blind across India. We are very keen to introduce this program in school and would like to discuss the possibility of implementation.

We request all the schools/ organization to support us to implement program Chess in schools and join us to take this unique initiative forward.

Program conceptualized by
Charudatta Jadhav

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