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Kishan Gangolli got bronze medal in 15 IPC a chess Olympiad

Kishan Gangolli created history by winning second consecutive medal in olympiad.  Kishan won  bronze medal on third board in recently concluded IBCA Chess olympiad for the visually challenged held at Ohrid,  Macedonia.

Message from Sachin Tendulkar to the Medal Winners of Asian Chess Championship for the Blind 2017

“That’s a great achievement. Please convey my congratulations to everyone in the team and tell them that we are extremely proud of them”


Honourable Prime Minister’s Message for Asian Chess Championship

We take this opportunity to thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi from entire Visually Challenged Blind fraternity.

PM Message for Asian Chess Championship

14th IBCA Chess Olympiad, Press Meet

It’s a great day for all of us. Sachin has been a great source of inspiration and spending an hour with him ahead of a world meet makes us all the more proud. If seeing is believing, we shall show the world what India is capable of both as a host and in competition


Relevance of Chess

Chess provides an opportunity for the visually impaired persons to prove that they can match the sighted, if not do better. Given the right exposure to tournaments, the accessibility to study material and computers (which the sighted have access to), visually impaired can outperform the sighted in this game.


The All India Chess Federation for the Blind (AICFB) was established in 1997 with the objective of promoting the game of chess among the visually impaired all over the country.

The AICFB is affiliated to the International Braille Chess Association (IBCA) and All India Chess Federation (Recognized by Government of India), and through this affiliation has been able to integrate India with the rest of the blind chess playing world.


Rellevence of Chess



Strategic Initiatives


Braille Chess Board



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Internet radio for braille Chess

Dedicated Internet Radio station for chess for the blind, First of its kind
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AICFB Achievements:

AICFB successfully hosted world championships-

  • 1st Asian Chess Championship for the blind 2003, Mumbai
  • 11th Individual world  chess championship 2006, Goa
  • 14th Chess Olympiad for the blind 2012, Chennai
  • Indian medal winning performance at world championships
  • 1998- Charudatta Jadhav stood second and Shirish Patil stood third in Irish international open chess championship for the blind,Island
  • 2000- Madan Bagayatkar won Bronze medal  (second board) in 11th chess Olympiad for the blind, Poland
  • 2008-Shrikrishna Udupa won gold medal (fourth board) in 13th chess Olympiad for the blind, Greece
  • 2012- Kishan Gangolli won gold medal (second board) in 14th chess Olympiad for the blind, India
  • 2013- Darpan Inani won Bronze medal in Junior world championship, Serbia
  • In 2012, India stood 5th in 14th Chess Olympiad for the blind, india
  • Mr. Charudatta Jadhav has nominated as a ‘Vice President’ of International Braille Chess Association’, IBCA world apex body for chess for the blind in world,  first and only Asian to get this recognition.


  • Since 1998, AICFB has conducted
  • 34 National championships (Men, Women, junior (under 19), School)
  • 38 FIDE rating national open  chess tournament
  • 250+ domestic tournaments (zonals, States, national open,Invitation cup).
  • Since 1999, every year, AICFB has conducted selection cycle Zonals…National B…. National A…. to declare ‘National Champion’ and select Indian team for world championship.
  • AICFB produce 161 FIDE rated blind chess players  till now, very few countries achieve this land mark.

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The performance of Kishan Gangolli took him into the individual Gold medal in the third board. Undefeated Kishan came up with an impressive show, scoring 7.5 points from 9 rounds. With six wins and three draws, Kishan stood like a rock in the middle boards, and dictated India “A” team’s fortunes.


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